A Little More Normal

I told my daughter last night as we made our final pass through the mall that I’ve been feeling pretty “normal” since she’s been home.  It’s funny how you get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that you forget to enjoy some quality time with those important to you.  I’m at the store so late every night and head in about 8 every morning, so I rarely take time to wander the mall or even read, opting to veg out in front of the tv all night.  It was nice to chit-chat and search for some last minute gifts together, just enjoying her company.  She, like all of my children, has turned out rather nicely!  We stayed up late into the night changing our cell phone plan and ordering me a cool new upgraded phone (cool, for me, that is).   Of course, I’ll have to make a protective pouch for that new phone and my new sunglasses, too.  Glad I got in the Lazy Girl pattern, Maggie.  This one is perfect for a phone or camera!

We’ve received the Flora & Fauna collection by Patty Young for Michael Miller Fabrics, and have sold out of 2 of the focus pieces already!  Lucky gals who were almost waiting for the UPS truck to pull up, but no worries…I’m re-ordering these 2 prints! A great big box of fabric just arrived and more is slated to arrive next week.  Be sure to come in.  We’re carrying some wonderful lines of fabric, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the area.

The class schedule is in its formative stages and I’ll be posting it very soon.  Until then, I’m off to open the boxes and gaze upon this new fabric.  And, to further my “almost normal” behavior, I’m closing the store at noon today, Christmas Eve and re-opening, Monday, December 28th.  It’ll be nice to have some time with the kids and my sewing room at home, not to mention the standing rib roast on tomorrow’s menu!   Wishing you all the best for this weekend!

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