Tutorial–Tortilla Warmer

These tortilla warmers are perfect!  You can make individual warmers for each couple at a party and send them home as gifts.  They’d also make a great addition to a fiesta-inspired gift basket!  Enjoy.

Cut 4 – 11” circles from fabric.

Cut 2 – 11” circles from batting. Do NOT use Insul-bright or any batting with metal. This needs to be microwave safe.

Cut 2 – 16” pieces of extra-wide double fold bias tape.

Cut 1 – 24” piece of extra-wide double fold bias tape.

Layer fabric (wrong side up), batting, & fabric (right side up). You will now have 2 circle “sandwiches”. Attach 1- 16” piece of bias tape to the edge of each of the circles.

Line up two circles with bias taped edges together. Attach the longer piece of tape to both circles at the same time. Bar-tack at the edge, turning under the excess to form a loop at each end.

Put tortilla(s) in warmer and microwave according to package directions.

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